Juice Gush

If I were to tell you we actually created a cotton candy fruit smoothie, would you call me crazy? Well, call me crazy! Carousel bursts onto your pallet with a whimsical collage of fruit juices, when all of the sudden that incredible taste and smell of hot cotton candy hits you square in the face. It’s like taking your taste buds on a thrill ride with every vape.

Juice Gush
Cherry Bomb

Sweet and tart Maraschino Cherries blended to perfection with a touch of Strawberry. If you’re looking for a cherry that doesn’t taste like cough syrup – look no further.

Juice Gush
Succer Punch

Like a 5 flavor candy...Some describe it as a sour green hard candy. A punch of flavor in every vape!

Juice Gush
Grape Vape

Imagine Grape Hubba Bubba, or a Nehi Grape soda in a bold, flavorful vape.

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